About us

After a few years of working in my backyard, experimenting with different techniques and materials. Traveling around the world visiting factories, shapers and also working for the airplane and boat industry. I decided I have gathered enough skills to start my own surfboard brand in 2010... Surfers hell.

The name Surfer's Hell came from the reflection that being a surfer in Belgium is really like being in Hell! You want to surf, you pray for even a tiny wave! But the North sea is a capricious women that only gives you waves when you deserve them... Dude... Surfer's Hell...

At surfer's hell everything is handmade with hard work and love to give you the best enjoyment in the water. This has been my way of life for more than 12 years now. All the inspiration I have comes from the old times, trying to reintegrate forgotten shapes and styles and carefully adapt them to the surf in our beautiful north sea.

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